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What is the Human+Kind Subscribe & Save programme?

It's the same great Human+Kind products but at a discounted price! The Human+Kind Subscription delivers your favourite products straight to your door on a reoccurring basis, without you having to do a single thing.

How Subscriptions Work

  1. Subscribe to any of the following Human+Kind products; Body Soufflé, Age-Defying Facial Cream, Family Remedy Cream.

  2. Swaps products, change frequency, or delay the next delivery date any time.

  3. You can add on One-Time-Products to your subscription orders.

  4. Reach out to info@humanandkind.com if you need any help.  

How do I change/cancel my subscription?

Simply log into your account and go to Subscriptions. Click Manage Subscription on whichever product you'd like to change or cancel. From there you can update your subscription. Please reach out to info@humanandkind.com if you need help at any time. 

What are the benefits?

Save 10% on your favourite Human+Kind products. 

Change processing dates & frequency any time.

Cancel at any time.