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Miracle Make-Up Remover


Discover a Miracle Make-up remover that’s super soft, easy to use and will change the way you remove make-up! Eliminate the need for cotton pads with this reusable cloth which leaves your skin make-up free and silky soft on one simple step! Miracle Make-up Remover eliminates all smear-proof and waterproof make-up and stubborn mascara. And what’s more? The Miracle Make-up remover will last up to 1,000 washes!


1. Wash cloth prior to first use

2. Wet Miracle Make-up Remover with lukewarm water

3. Gently wipe off make-up and impurities using water only


Cloth size: Approximately 40cm x 15cm

Long nap, micro fiber cloth (super soft and effective)

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Free shipping on all orders over €50